Handwritten thank you notes are one of the most effective ways to build trust, create a sense of community, inspire genuine connection—and above all, help you avoid getting stuck in a 9-5 rut.
Although the thought of re-entering a classroom setting might be scary, earning your GED credential is a big deal for you and your future.
A guide to helping you find the job that will pay the bills, make you successful, and keep you happy.
EG Technology Worker
When you start looking for a new job, a recruiter will help you land a job faster, and that new job will be a better fit for your skills and your life.
You’ve put in the time and gained the necessary skills to advance in your field, but is that new role you’ve been eyeing really going to make you happier?
Not all companies have extravagant budgets for perks, but there are immediate actions that companies of any size can take to impact retention of great employees.
From assisting with compensation negotiation to positively representing a niche skill set, recruiters act as important advocates throughout the hiring process.
EG President & CEO, Mark Lancaster, sat down with the Michigan Chamber of Commerce to discuss what inspires him and the rest of the EG Workforce Solutions team to come to work every day.
According to Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) new employment data suggests that “the ability of the U.S. economy to draw in more workers from the sidelines and into the labor force will be a key factor...
Michigan Sick Pay Law
The short answer is yes. The new law impacts full-time employees at companies with 50+ employees, but it does not apply to temporary or most part-time workers...